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Yucatan continues to be the safest place in Mexico

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Yucatecans received June with the news that Yucatan is, for the fourth consecutive year, one of the safest places to live Mexico.

Living in Yucatan is living in peace, not only because of the low incidence of crime, which continues below the national average, but also because of the calm and peaceful life that characterizes life here.

As part of the President’s visit to attend the inauguration of works for the Mayan train in Yucatan, the governor Mauricio Vila pointed out that Yucatan remains as the number one state in the 2020 peace index.

In addition, he mentioned that INEGI studies show that Yucatan is the state with the lowest number of kidnappings in the entire country, with absolutely none so far this year.

Other recognitions to the peace and tranquility of Yucatan are:

  • State with the fewest number of looting in all of Mexico.
  • State with the lowest rate of intentional homicides in the country.
  • State with the least number of extortions.
  • Mexico’s most satisfactory police department, with 60% approval.
  • State of the republic with the greatest decrease in crime incidence.
  • First state to achieve 22 of 22 points at the crime light.

Yucatecans trust their government and public policies the most

During the event, it was revealed that Yucatan is the entity with the least perception of corruption, in addition to being the state where people admitted to having greater confidence in their government.

Yucatecans have placed their trust in public programs that support Small and Medium-sized business, as well as countless economic stimuli for the development of residential and commercial infrastructure, which has made Yucatan -and especially its capital Mérida- grow to leaps and bounds in recent years.

Private initiative is not far behind, and billions of pesos have been invested in the growth of Yucatan.

Merida: the city where everyone wants to live


In addition to the natural and cultural wonders, security, peace and promise of economic growth of Yucatan, in Mérida there are investment opportunities that have caught the attention of the entire world.

The competitive prices of land and the existence of projects with great potential to become millionaire investments have already begun to attract investors, and it’s only a matter of time for prices to rise exponentially and properties to gain a lot of added value.

This, plus the fact that this is one of the safest states to raise a family, live, study or work in Mexico, makes Yucatan (and particularly Merida) the most attractive destination to live in Mexico.

Living in Yucatan is enjoying peace, tranquility and great opportunities that guarantee the well-being of your family.

Thinking of moving to Merida? Contact us! We have the property you are looking for to start your new life in the safest place in Mexico.

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Publicado por Phinance

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