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Which product is the best investment during COVID-19?

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Do you know what life will be like when the Coronavirus health emergency ends? Well, you should be very aware of that, because knowing will allow you to prepare for the impending economic crisis, and will give you the tools to make a smart investment that will help you protect your money.

You know that investing is the best tool to protect your money, but the rules of the game are changing slightly. You can no longer think in terms of «now that there is a crisis» and «when everything returns to normal,» because normality will never return. You have to take the bull by the horns and look for the best assets to make money now and for a long time.

Do you want to know what those assets are? Keep reading.

The rules for investing in times of crisis

Do you know the rules that the rich follow to invest? The most important is the one talks about investing in assets that can become stronger over time. The best economists and investors in the world recommend three of them:

  • Precious metals
  • Stocks on the stock exchange
  • Land

In any scenario, those three are the assets that can give you the most security. Now, pay close attention here, because the key is to know exactly which of those assets will suit you best in a post-coronavirus world. Remember that things will change, and our consumption habits will change on all levels.

Land: the best asset for your money

Since the beginning of times, (crisis or not), investing in land has been one of the best decisions anyone can make. Regardless of the speed with which you gain value, the land protects the capital you invested in it, lets it mature, and can bring you impressive returns. Of course, it does not happen by magic.

The real estate sector will be, without a doubt, one of the hardest hit by the post-coronavirus revolution, and this is for a very simple reason: most of today’s houses are not made for us to live in.

Before all this, the house was a space made to protect your belongings, rest and enjoy your free time. Sports, work, leisure and recreation were outside. Fast forward to March 2020, virtually half the world is in quarantine, and the fact that there is no room for us in our homes hits us hard.

We cannot and should not underestimate the trauma that this will leave in society. The main victims of this will be the properties designed with the previous parameters, made to save space and effort, and that contemplated that the entire life of the inhabitants would be outside.

We can launch a risky forecast, but it is supported by experts such as the architect Sergey Makhno:

People will redefine homes, and the desire to have a house with enough space for all our activities will rebound. Inevitably we will enter a stage where the details, personalization and humanization of real estate will be required.

And this forecast brings us to the next point:

The future is in residential lots

Likewise. Everything indicates that we will see an unprecedented upturn in the purchase of residential lots and land to build. Gated communities that have their own amenities and shield the inhabitant from the outside world (without taking away all their comforts) will also become radically popular.

You must take into account that this is not new. Developments with amenities that raised similar concepts were already gaining popularity, but they had a disadvantage that has now disappeared: the practicality and economization of time and energy as a priority.

Why will residential lots be preferred by buyers?

Without a doubt, the inhabitant of the post coronavirus era will put comfort and safety above practicality. You will no longer think about choosing between several house models, but you will undoubtedly lean towards building your own model, made according to your needs and lifestyle. A model that can become a happy refuge in the event of any new emergency such as the current one.

(Again, we cannot underestimate the great trauma that the COVID-19 pandemic will leave in our society!)

Residential lot developments allow that, and some of them even combine the strategic location within a secluded and peaceful community, with exclusive amenities, so that the inhabitant can create their own haven at ease.

What’s the use of knowing all this?

The holy grail of investing is the ability to anticipate the future. Analyze the situation and take financial steps in the right direction.

Knowing that in the future buyers will be inclined to build, allows you to take advantage of these times to invest in residential lots. And I emphasize the now! Today is the perfect time to follow the best teaching of Warren Buffett and be greedy when others are afraid to move.

A pre-sale investment lot, above all, offers you an extraordinary opportunity for growth:

  • You take advantage of the most accessible prices (thanks to the fact that they are pre-sale lots).
  • This allows you to give the necessary space of time for the asset to gain value(do you remember that this is one of the tips of the wealthiest people?)
  • When the market picks up, your profit will be much greater than those who decide to buy at that time. In fact, those who decide to buy then, will be buying from you and the other visionaries who took the step on time.

Pay attention to all the factors that we have shared about life after coronavirus, and analyze your options. Also keep in mind the industries that forecast significant rebounds such as:

  • The architecture and design of spaces.
  • Developments with their own amenities.
  • Local trade.

What other doubts do you have? The best time to make a decision is always now, the difference between investing today and investing in a month is measured in hundreds of dollars!

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