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What are the best retirement investments?

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Fewer people enjoy their retirement nowadays since pensions won’t provide enough income for a comfortable lifestyle anymore. It’s largely up to you to ensure enough savings to support yourself when you’re no longer working.

If you know that retirement can last up to 30 years or more depending on when you retire and how long you live, you’ll understand why having an investment plan for your retirement is key.

You also won’t want to take any risks. Here, we’ve collected the best investment options, which will help you live a peaceful, enjoyable retirement.


Many people think that stocks are not a good investment choice for retirement because they are risky. However, risk often equals returns. If you intend to use your assets as income, then you need to take some degree of risk to at least keep pace with — if not outpace- inflation.

Dividends are cash payments or shares of stock –or any other property– paid to shareholders at the discretion of a director’s board. They are usually based on profits. Dividend-producing stocks can be a great retirement investment if you seek to produce income.

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund was once the gold star of retirement investing, but what is a Mutual Fund? A Mutual Fund is an investment put into a professionally managed portfolio of stocks.

Mutual funds take away some of the risks of investing in stocks while still providing you the potential growth. All kinds of mutual funds exist, and they provide different benefits and different diversification strategies.

However, mutual funds are not as popular as they once were. They can sometimes have high fees, and research indicates that they may not be the most efficient way to grow your money.

Lifetime Annuities

An annuity is technically an insurance product and not an investment. However, as a way to use your retirement assets, annuities belong on this list of best retirement investments.

There are many different kinds of annuities. Depending on your goals, the best annuity for retirement is probably either an immediate or a deferred lifetime annuity.

  • A lifetime annuity is one that pays you income for as long as you live— no matter how long that turns out to be.
  • An immediate annuity is one that starts payments to you as soon as you purchase the product.
  • A deferred annuity is one that starts payments to you at a specified time in the future.

If you want to guarantee your retirement income, annuities can be a rock-solid way to do so.

Invest in Real Estate

As a retiree, you need your assets to be relatively free of risk while keeping pace with inflation. In many cases, you need your assets to provide income, and you want to minimize taxes and costs. Real estate is a high-return asset that usually offers a hedge against inflation.

Since real estate has historically been inversely correlated with conventional assets, it can be a good way to diversify your investments away from the stock market.

Investing in real estate can mean everything from owning your home to buying shares in a Real Estate Investment Trust

Most people think of buying a property and renting it out when they think of real estate investing. The trick is that you need to consistently have tenants who are willing to pay you enough to cover any mortgage you have on the property, plus insurance, taxes, and maintenance. The most important aspects to consider are property location and market rental rates.

Buy a vacation home and rent it out part-time

Owning a vacation property as an investment usually means that you rent it out to tenants for shorter periods. If you have the right house in a desirable location, you might be able to make as much money from a few vacation renters as you could from a year-round tenant elsewhere. The best of this is that you can enjoy some time there yourself!

Want to retire early?

You might think it’s out of reach for you, but if you have a good plan to save aggressively and invest effectively over enough years, there’s a good chance that you can retire early – or at least earlier than you originally planned to.

Retiring sooner rather than later can give you more years of retirement to enjoy. Also, the younger you are when you retire, the more active you can be in retirement. It is important to reckon how much money you’ll need each year, as that will help you figure out how much money you have to save before you retire. The longer you can let your money grow, the faster it will grow, and each extra year can make a big difference.

Investing for retirement is vital, as it prepares you for a long period when you’ll likely have no salary and will depend on Social Security and the retirement income you set up for yourself. The sooner you learn about your retirement investing options and the sooner you take action, the greater your future financial security will be.

Don’t leave your future financial security up to chance, make sure you make the right decisions about how to invest.

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