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Virtual tours to buy properties from home, a new alternative

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Digitization is the future, especially now that the economy will have to adapt to the new normal. 

Healthy distance precautions should be maintained indefinitely, and real estate companies and sellers will have to take advantage of technological resources to continue selling. An emerging digital alternative that has proven very useful for Real Estate are virtual tours.

60% of Real Estate buyers have said that virtual tours help them in the decision process when buying a home, and this can be due to many reasons:

  • The quality of the images and videos is good, but the tour allows them to go at their own pace.
  • They can focus on the details that interest them.
  • The virtual tour generates more confidence in the buyer.
  • It gives them the feeling that they know the property better in a virtual tour than through high-quality photos.

These according to a Realtor study.

Sounds complicated? It doesn’t really have to be. Virtual tours can be created with 360º video or augmented reality tools, which are falling onto the hands of companies, entrepreneurs and private sellers more and more now.

Facebook, for example, has already begun to popularize 360º ​​photos and videos. All you have to do is move your phone to see an image from all perspectives. Although this tool is still under development, implementing it on the sale of properties, especially residences, apartments, hotel rooms, offices or other constructions, can suppose a very good advantage.

If you want something more professional, there are also more advanced programs and software to create augmented reality experiences. 

There’s even the option of 3d modeling, or the creation of tours with renders that will allow prospects to see a «dressed» property, much more attractive than an empty one.

Video communication: another alternative

You don’t need to jump into implementing overly complicated tools, especially if you are not a company or if you are an independent seller trying to sell a property. More sophisticated videos help, but something as simple as a video call tour can be very helpful.

The video call tour has a real-time communication plus that allows the buyer to:

  • Ask questions at the exact moment they feel like doing it. 
  • Request more details about certain areas of the house.
  • Ask for detailed descriptions.
  • Even decide if that’s the property you are looking for.

Besides, this is extremely simple to implement with everyday tools such as WhatsApp, Facebook or many others that have become more popular, such as Zoom. And they’re an excellent option within the scenario of a new normality that will require indefinite social distancing. Real estate marketing has to be transformed along with the rest of the world, and for that to happen, new ways of selling and interacting with prospects will have to be adopted. For both the seller and the buyer, digital tools are a great help in the buying and selling process. Knowing how to use them will give anyone a huge advantage.

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Publicado por Phinance

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