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Read this before you invest in a residential lot

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When it comes to investing, few options are as safe as Real Estate. Residential lots are extensions of land ready for construction, and as an investment tool they offer many benefits for your economy:

  • They are safe assets that do not lose their value over time, the actually increase it.
  • They offer various possibilities: you can buy and resell, build to live or build to rent.
  • The price per square meter is attractive and can acquire a lot of value over time.

If you are analyzing the option of investing in a residential lot, then you are interested in knowing what are the key elements to obtain high returns, and generate the best possible capital gain.

Take location into account

Any property benefits greatly from the location, but in the case of residential lots, something very different happens than what you find when you buy a house or an apartment.

Buying land at a coherent distance from the city (that is, near but not immediately within the city) can have very good advantages on your ROI because you will be able to buy for low prices and observe excellent growth in the future.

It should be clarified that it is not the same case as with the investment lots, since in case of residential lots, the space is prepared for housing (with services, access, even similar residential with inhabited homes in the surroundings ) and the waiting time to see earnings is significantly less.

Ask about permits, land use regularization and financing plans

Before signing the sale contract, you must ask the right questions:

  • Are the building permits in order or do I have to process them myself?
  • Has the land use permit already been verified?
  • Do I have legal certainty?

Knowing the legal status of your residential lot can help you know that your investment is safe, and it’s an excellent way to keep track of your expenses.

Remember that the capital required to invest in residential lots can vary, but many development companies have especially attractive financing plans, especially during this period of uncertainty. Be sure to ask about financing plans, options for the use of public and private loans and the expectation of growth in prices (this to know the profits of buying soon).

If you buy during quarantine, be sure to ask if prices are frozen, if the value of the currency will affect the price, or if they forecast a significant price rebound after quarantine. Many opportunities for you are opening during quarantine, don’t miss them.

Know the benefits and ask for help to estimate the capital gain

When we talk about residential lot developments, first you have to understand that the value increases with two elements: a great location and a list of plus elements. They don’t have to be luxury amenities, because they can make the initial price of the investment more expensive, but having some elements for common use, an intelligent organization or some extras, can make the difference in the added value:

  • Basic amenities such as common areas, green areas and parks.
  • Although the investment may be greater, some developments with luxury amenities may be an attractive product.
  • Promotions in the purchase as inclusion of notary fees or even elaboration of a completely free architectural model. Think about the money that saves you and translate it into your earnings.

Extras make the difference between one residential lot development and another, they are important in forecasting the increase in value of each square meter, or in estimating the brick value once built. Don’t forget to take them into account.

Buying presale is great for your economy

The advantages of buying presale, especially during quarantine, are several:

  • Access to lower prices, which ensures a percentage of entry profit.
  • Greater payment facilities.
  • Greater freedom to choose the property that works best for you.

If you buy during quarantine, many banks, financial institutions and development companies will be giving accessible credits, with low interests or frozen prices. This, again, translates into a guaranteed increase of  your property’s value, and a high percentage of surplus value when you go out of quarantine.

Buying a residential lot is a very good investment, but if you think of all these advantages when making purchasing decisions, your returns will be excellent and you will see significant gains. What other question do you have? If you have any doubts, contact us, we are ready to help you.

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