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Tourism in Mexico: this is how you will travel after quarantine

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Little by little, tourism gets back on its feet, and the new normality begins to establish itself. This doesn’t mean preventive measures against COVID-19 will disappear, we already know that we will most likely never go back to ‘normal’. Fortunately, tourism is still going strong. 

The COVID-19 prevention protocol for the Mexican tourism industry was recently revealed, with the purpose of reactivating the flow of national and international visitors. Although, for the moment the focus is on national tourism, a sector that may have an excellent rebound in the short term.

Strict security measures for airports and hotels

The safety protocol highlights healthy distance as the main preventive measure, and among the requirements, lists the use of face masks and gloves by personnel, as well as the implementation of safe corridors: the organization of entrances and exits so that passengers do not meet face to face, and the careful disinfection of all common areas.

Some hotels are implementing their own security measures that include contactless check-in, continuous disinfection of rooms, and the use of ways to organize their entertainment areas such as the spa or gym.

Of course, against the still latent perspective of COVID-19, it is possible that the hotel sector will take a little longer to recover.

Vacation Rentals are the accidental winners of the scene

Holiday rental residences will benefit from the revival of tourism, given the fear that is still latent among visitors, as well as the excitement of reviving tourism after the lockdown. Platforms such as AIRBNB that offer individual accommodation may rebound. This is due to:

  • The vacation rentals of houses ensure control over the spaces that are frequented.
  • Tenants know who enters and who leaves, there is no need to constantly bump into strangers.
  • Contact with workers is minimal.
  • Prices can be significantly lower.
  • There is freedom to cook the food to be consumed and to ensure the hygiene of this process.

This kind of business had already displaced hotels since before the pandemic, and is now expected to rebound even more, although hotels may put up a bit of a fight with attractive promotions to attract domestic tourists, such as 2×1 deals. 

A successful recovery with all preventive measures

The expectation for the recovery of one of Mexico’s most successful industries is gigantic. The influx of tourists leaves the greatest economic spill in states such as Yucatan or Quintana Roo, and the recovery of tourism translates into good news for many other branches of the economy, such as commerce (formal and informal), services and even Real Estate.

The economic spillover left by tourism, as well as the demand for lodging (and therefore, for properties for vacation rental) directly influence the price of land, especially houses, lots and apartments near beaches, in areas such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen or even in Merida, which connects to an immense variety of beaches on the Emerald Coast.

This means that the recovery of the tourist industry can translate into the increase in surplus value, and the reaffirmation of Real Estate as the region’s strongest economic sector.

The speed of this recovery will depend on the adaptability of the properties to the new health measures, and the gradual reincorporation of all to the new normal.

Holidays in Yucatan: sooner than you can imagine

From the information we’ve shared before, we can predict that vacations in Yucatan will be riddled with security measures which, if implemented in the correct way, won’t alter the fun of tourists. The emerald cost will, once again, be a paradise of recreation, peace of mind and consequently at even more influx to our state.

Yucatan’s industries have a privileged position within Mexico as state security reassures businessmen, vacationers, investors and companies that come to settle down here.

Safety ensures the influx of people who leave an economic spill, while protecting businesses and  properties from constant robberies, looting or even damages by criminal activities in general. That is why vacations in Yucatan may be one of the most chosen activities by post-pandemic tourists.

Tourism is about to revive, which is a key step in the revival of the economy. Many opportunities are going to open up, and knowing how to take advantage of them at the right time is essential. When do you think is the best time to invest in Yucatan? If you want to take advantage of the enormous opportunities that are approaching, contact us, we have a really good offer for you.

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