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7 activities to enjoy your life in Playa del Carmen

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Imagine you can wake up in an exotic beach city, and enjoy the best food in amazing restaurants, or walk by the beach and soak in the sun. Well, this is life in Playa del Carmen.

This Mexican paradise has been among the top favorites for tourists and travelers. Located near Tulum and Cancún, Playa del Carmen promises memorable experiences and lots of attractions.

Playa del Carmen has the perfect mix between natural attractions and the comfortable activities of a city. There’s a lot to do in Playa, don’t miss out! Here’s a perfect guide with 7 activities you can enjoy!

1. Visit Cenote Azul

Image: Viva Playa

Near Playa del Carmen you’ll find a lot of Cenotes, but by far, Cenote Azul is the best. You can join a group tour, or go by yourself. 

Prepare your go-pro because you’ll want to record everything! Exotic species, crystal-clear water, dreamy landscapes, and excellent weather, enjoy them all here!

2. Drive to Chichen Itza

A world-wide known wonder lays just two hours away from Playa del Carmen. The ancient Mayan City of Chichen Itza is more than 1300 years old but is extremely well-kept. 

Walk around the vestiges or visit the Museum to know the ancient Mayan civilization, you’ll even get to see the legendary sacred Cenote!

3. Eat some tacos at El Fogon

A famous restaurant among both visitors and locals. El Fogon offers traditional, Mexican food, and is so good the lines to eat here reach all the way to the street! What people often don’t know is that there are other two within the city! 

Visit the ones that are not in the main tourist area to get to your food without waiting. But if you are only visiting, and would rather stay near your hotel or Airbnb, we guarantee the wait is worth it!

4. Join El Cine Club

Image: elcineclub

A project made to invite people and enjoy cinematic masterpieces together that has become the best outdoor cinema in the city. These cultural events are free for the general public, and take place on the outside so you can totally enjoy a picnic while watching great movies! These take place in La Ceiba Park.

5. Shop the day away in La Quinta Avenida

Playa del Carmen’s best shopping spot is, without a doubt, La Quinta Avenida. This 4 miles avenue begins in Avenida Constituyentes and extends towards the north. You’ll find here the very core of Playa del Carmen: restaurants, boutiques, high-end stores, spas, hotels, bars, specialized stores, and galleries. Start off from the south and make your way to the north, you’ll spend all day window shopping! 

6. Visit Akumal and swim with Sea turtles

Near Playa del Carmen you’ll find the beautiful Akumal beach, known for its wildlife and natural landscapes. 

This almost-virgin beach holds one of the most popular sea turtle sanctuaries, and if you visit you’ll get the chance to swim with them! Bring your own food and picnic by the shore, or rent a bike to ride around!

7. Enjoy a night in the Teatro de la Ciudad 

Image: Quinta Fuerza

An Avant-garde option if you want a relaxing night is this amazing Theater, located in Avenida 115. It has more than 700 comfortable sits, and presentes both national and international talents every week, and there’s something for everyone! From fun rock music concerts to beautiful ballets and amazing plays. 

Life in Playa del Carmen is good. It mixes all the benefits of living in a dreamy beach destination with the comfort of the city. If you are looking for a place to truly enjoy your life, maybe after you’ve retired, Playa del Carmen is a must you have to consider.

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