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6 restaurants that you must try in Playa del Carmen

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Playa del Carmen is an on-earth paradise: beautiful beaches, amazing nightlife and great food from all over the world. This cosmopolitan city reunites some of the best cuisines in the world.

There’s a lot to try, restaurants and street food everywhere, and among them, you’ll find everything! 

  • Mexican food 
  • Italian food 
  • American food 
  • Vegan and vegetarian alternatives 
  • Organic slow food markets 
  • Luxurious bakeries 
  • Thai, Japanese, and any kind of Asian food

Some restaurants gained popularity for certain dishes or certain decorations. Here we’d like to share with you the top 6 best restaurants you definitely have to try in Playa del Carmen, keep reading! 

1. La Perla Pixan Cuisine 


This amazing place is a gastro-Mezcalería that seeks to spread the joys of traditional Mezcal rituals and authentic Mexican food. The head chef, Enrique Blanco, has created a truly traditional environment, with Mayan and Mexican traditions enveloping all your senses: the flavor of ancient Mezcal or Pulque, a lingering aroma of copal incense, the textures of the food and the music, everything just screams authentic! 

Reasons to visit: 

  • Great atmosphere 
  • Amazing Pulque and Mezcal 

2. Passion by Martin Berasategui 

Imagen: Gourmand

A 7 Michelin star restaurant located right within Paradisus Playa del Carmen, right by the Quinta Avenida. This specialized restaurant serves amazing gourmet food and signature dishes. Enjoy their 7-course tasting menu or choose your favorites to make your own lineup, this is a culinary experience you need to live! 

Reasons to visit: 

  • Amazing culinary experience 
  • Over-the-top service
  • Option to taste lots of food

3. Chez Celine

Imagen: The best Riviera Maya

Imagine you are walking the busy streets of Playa del Carmen when, all of a sudden, you are transported to a small, cozy café in Paris. Welcome to Chez Celine! 

This small place is located right in the Quinta Avenida (did you notice all the best restaurants are?), and it offers french-inspired dishes, pastries, and drinks. Enjoy a full breakfast for less than 100 pesos or sit to sip on a good cafe au lait.

Reasons to visit: 

  • Really affordable prices.
  • Excellent location.
  • French-inspired atmosphere.

4. Primer Plato

Imagen: TripAdvisor

A little Italian spot in the south end of Playa del Carmen, pretty far away from the busy spots of the city. Its location in the 15th avenue is the key to their amazing prices, you’ll never have such a good Italian dish for such a price again! Besides, since the owner and Chef -Diego- is Italian, all the pasta is deliciously homemade. 

Reasons to visit: 

  • Exquisite, authentic Italian food. 
  • Homemade pasta at affordable prices.

5. Don Chendo


Craving the flavor of good ol’ Italian food New York style? Playa del Carmen has got you covered, visit Don Chendo! 

Russell, the owner of this small place, learned to cook with old Italian women in New York, and put together a small menu that contains pizza, pasta, and salads. His techniques will transport you directly to the famous small restaurants in NYC, don’t miss it!

Reasons to visit: 

  • Amazing flavors and quality ingredients. 
  • Great atmosphere and service.

6. Alux Restaurant

Imagen: Pinterest

A must-visit for every tourist in Playa del Carmen! This unique place is located outside of Playa del Carmen’s downtown because it’s built inside a cave -right inside a cenote, yes! Its amazing landscapes are already reason enough to come, but if you still need more, the amazing fusion cuisine that mixes traditional Playa del Carmen flavors with Mayan, Mexican and international haute cuisine.

This one is more on the pricey side, but it’s totally worth it! 

Reasons to visit: 

  • Amazing landscapes and views of a Cenote
  • Incredible –yet pricey– food. 
  • A must-visit for tourists

There are a lot more amazing places to wine and dine in Playa del Carmen, but these are our favorites, don’t miss out!

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