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5 things to do if you own a residential lot in Merida

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When it comes down to investing in land, the best option is always to buy a residential lot, and there are several reasons for this.

Not only is it an excellent way to put your money in a safe asset, but there are several options so that you can develop a project according to your needs and, of course, the possibilities of your budget. Mérida is a city that is growing by leaps and bounds. Opportunities are not lacking.

Sure, it all depends on what you want to do with your investment. In this article we want to share some development options that you can consider if you are looking to invest in a residential lot in Mérida.

You can invest your money and let it grow

Unlike what happens with investment lots, residential lot developments are usually strategically located near metropolitan areas, with the goal of forming a subdivision or neighborhood of inhabited residences.

That is why they usually have streets, access roads, nearby amenities, careful urban planning and for the same reason that they remain prepared to start construction.

In Merida, those who are on the way to Progreso are getting closer to the urban area every year, since the expansion of the city is being generated towards that side. All this means that, as time passes and the city grows, the value of the land in this area increases.

The opportunity to invest your capital in residential lots for a great price, and wait for the city to reach development is a very good one if you are looking for a long-term investment. This kind of purchase in itself opens up many possibilities:

  • You can resell the land to a neighbor who wants to expand his residence.
  • If the land is not anchored to a development, or the development contract has an expiration, there is a possibility that you can resell to entrepreneurs looking to place their businesses nearby.
  • If development does not allow it, there will always be those who seek to buy the land to live it.

The home you always wanted to take care of your family

Investing in a built property allows you some comfort and speed if you want to move in soon, but like all products designed with a generic project, it probably will not cover all of your needs because it did not take into account your space requirements and lifestyle.

This is something that doesn’t happen when you monitor the construction of your own home. Investing in a residential lot and designing your home according to your needs is always an excellent way to ensure that the materials are high quality, and the space is suitable for the lifestyle you want to live.

Note: keep in mind that many residential lot development contemplate some construction guidelines to guarantee harmony in the area, it is perfectly normal to come across regulations for the facade, or for the garages, but with  a good architect’s guidance, none of this will affect your plans.

Invest and build with a vision for the future

When you are going to make an investment, the smartest thing to do is to consider the future, and a residential lot that is well-located in Mérida can give you many benefits in the future, beyond the capital gain that you can earn, of course.

The northern area of Mérida, close to subdivisions such as Francisco de Montejo, Caucel or even on the routes to tf Progreso, is in constant growth, and the metropolitan area is expanding there.

There are already subdivisions in Mérida very close to Progreso, and as the city grows, this will become normal. Taking advantage of land prices right now to build and resell in the future, or even to rest, build and rent (the proximity to Progreso can be interesting for foreigners looking to live in Mérida, for example) is an excellent way to put your money in a place that will make it grow.

You can secure a legacy for your family

If you are looking for a safe investment in the medium term, with great profits in the long term, to leave your children or grandchildren as heritage, a residential lot is an excellent purchase.

Unlike investment lots, which are sold at very cheap prices and promise big profits in the long term (very, very long term), a residential lot has guaranteed growth because it’s ready to become a housing development, so you have the certainty that in the short or medium term, it will be populated, and when that happens, the value of the land will rise.

This means that when your children or grandchildren get the inheritance, they will probably have a solid legacy that will allow them to live dignified lives.

You can become a developer or constructor

If you have the purchasing power to buy more than one residential lot, you can even develop a small project of your own and enter the Real Estate business, either through construction or reselling.

Buying multiple real estate lots can allow you to develop residences. Of course, if you are shopping within another development, you will have to make sure that you are not breaking any rules, but it is usually perfectly possible to build a set of residences to resell or rent in the future.

The business opportunities that arise when you buy a residential lot are many. The price is relatively affordable, especially in cities like Mérida, which are growing thanks to its cultural and historical wealth, the nearby natural wonders and, of course, the enviable security. Deciding to invest in land right now is key to securing your future, what good reason do you have to keep waiting? If you are thinking of investing your capital wisely, contact us, we are waiting for you.

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