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4 elements that your apartment in Playa del Carmen should have

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After being in Playa del Carmen for a few days, many fall in love and decide to live there! This has created a big growth in real state development and many houses now have a high value.

There’s also the fact that living near a beach brings a lot of benefits to your mental and physical health since the landscapes help you feel relaxed, and forget about living stressed and anxious. 

Playa del Carmen has a lot to offer, the city is young, has potential and offers quite a lot of options for both tourists and locals. If you too fell in love with this Caribbean Paradise and are seeking to buy an apartment here, then this is what you must have to enjoy life to the most. 

1. Location

The location of Playa del Carmen is considered better than Cancun: from there you can explore the entire Riviera Maya. In addition, beaches are a short walk away. Playa del Carmen is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean sea. 

If you are looking for quiet and tranquility, as well as the best beaches (like Xcalacoco), the north zone of downtown is the best place.

The area that goes from Calle Constituyentes to Calle 46 is part of Playa Mamitas, the best beach zone. This zone tends to be quieter than Xcalacoco, which has developed more recently, and where many European businesses like restaurants and pubs (that sometimes have nice music at night), ice cream shops, etc., have been installed. 

Playacar is an exclusive tourist area next to Playa del Carmen that has golf courses and full out luxury resorts with amazing amenities. 

2. Safety

Standard safety measures must be taken anywhere, it doesn’t matter if tourist areas in Playa del Carmen tend to be safer than other parts of the city. Fortunately, there are many ways to protect your home and loved ones. 

  • Make sure all doors have good locks.
  • Install simulated surveillance cameras.
  • Windows and balconies should be done with models that have aluminum or PVC profiles with interior steel reinforcements, safety fittings, and reinforced laminated glass, as 80% of the thefts occur through them.
  • Make sure the apartment has bars around it. Single-family homes are the homes most likely to need this type of security measure.

3. Green areas

Playa del Carmen has nice all-year-round weather, with warm days and blue skies. What can be better than fully enjoy this in a roof garden or park nearby home? Green areas are an absolute must. 

Another benefit is that green areas often become the best place to spend time with your family or your pets. 

Value-wise, a garden increases how much your property is worth. If you decide to sell the property in the future, this green area adds value, especially if you live in a city where gardens are considered little lungs that clean your air and refresh your home. 

4. Pool

With the tropical warmth, a place to cool off is a must. As it meets the Caribbean Sea, the beaches here have a crystalline color and are so well maintained you won’t want to leave. However, your own pool at home is also a great way to enjoy life in Playa del Carmen. 

Having a pool is also a great choice if you think of the future value of your property, or if you ever think if offering vacation rentals to tourists. You get to enjoy a resort-like life every day and also have the chance to make money if you ever want to. Is a win-only investment 

Playa del Carmen is an excellent place to live, and following this little advice, there’s no way you won’t enjoy life to the most in this Mexican piece of paradise. Now you can start hunting for apartments, flats, and other properties. 

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